Danny Howells (UK) is one of the house music’s most prominent globetrotters and it’s been 10 years since his last visit to Macedonia. He came back this August and with a good cause.

Danny is a fierce animal rights advocate. When he was invited to visit Macedonia once again and to play music at a beach party, he insisted that all the money from ticket sales should go to an animal protection cause.  

And so, on August 4, he and the Animal Rights Activists’ Association (AAPŽ) have organized a beach party at the Ohrid Lake. All the revenue – around EUR1,000 (MKD60,000) will be used for sterilization and castration of stray dogs and cats in Skopje.

- I'm extremely happy, he said. „Because of everyone involved we managed to raise funds for AAPŽ, who are doing an incredible but frequently heart breaking job for the animals in a country where stray dogs are a huge problem. I have nothing but the upmost respect for AAPŽ and the other organisations in Macedonia who are dealing with issues like this on a daily basis.“