Vojvođanska Bank Donates 190 Computers to the Gerontology Centers

Did you know that October is the month of solidarity with the elderly? Vojvođanska Bank launched a socially responsible campaign in which, by the end of the year, will be donated 190 computers to the gerontology centers in 12 cities in Serbia.

Source: https://www.voban.co.rs/


  • Serbia

Volunteer Fair in Prishtina Increases Interest in Voluntary Work

Project "Volunteering for Development: Promoting volunteering and active citizenship in Kosovo" is being held today in Prishtina. The purpose of this fair is to increase interest in voluntary work and community activism in Kosovo.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/


  • Kosovo

Human Rights Committee Needs Support to Fight Extreme Poverty in Majdanpek

Human Rights Committee from Majdanpek (Serbia) could soon stop their charitable activities if they don't get needed support. In particular, they need funds for the gas so they could distribute food to families in need and for building a playroom for children with disabilities.



  • Serbia

You Are a Sunflower Campaign to Help Children in Albania, Kosovo, and all around the World

“You are a Sunflower“ (Ti je një Luledielli ) is a campaign organized by famous TV presenter Albana Osmani in order to help children who have blood sickness, by selling T-shirts with a sunflower logo. This campaign had a great success in Albania, so it was launched October 19 in Kosovo and it is planned to be organized all over the world in 2018.

Source: https://telegrafi.com/


  • Kosovo

Municipality of Tirana Provides its Citizens with an Easy Way to Donate or Recycle Clothes

The green initiative comes from the Municipality of Tirana: all the people who have clothing items they do not need or use, now have a designated spot for it, so from now on, they can help people in need, and the environment, quickly and easily.

Source: http://www.panorama.com.al/


  • Albania

Croatian Red Cross Holds 45th Annual State-Wide Campaign for People Living in Poverty

Under the slogan "Ne dvoji, za drugog odvoji" (Don’t accumulate, share with your mate), the Red Cross of Croatia has provided Croatians all over the country with a day of opportunities to give to 80,000 people living in poverty in Croatia.

Source: http://www.hck.hr/


  • Croatia

Klas Sarajevo Donated Two Tons of Flour for the World Food Day

The food industry Klas from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), on the occasion of the World Food Day, celebrated on October 16, donated 2t of flour to the meal center of the Red Cross Sarajevo kanton and Collective Center in Hrasnica, while the children from Collective Center received sweets as well. The goods were handed by players from football clubs Železničar and Sarajevo.

Source: http://www.biznisinfo.ba/


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

RTS Has Collected and Donated Over 3 Million Books During 4 Decades

Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) viewers and listeners have supported the campaign “The Book of Solidarity” (Knjiga solidarnosti) for over 40 years, with a goal to provide books for schools and school libraries throughout Serbia.

Source: http://www.rts.rs/


  • Serbia

Crowdfunding Campaign for Returning Assistants to a Student with Disabilities

Alen Krsmanović is finishing his MA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He is a talented young painter, photographer, and video editor. Alen is also a person with a disability - he has an arthrogryposis, a disease that causes muscle contraction and deformity of the joints, due to which he is not able to use his hands. He creates his art only with his mouth.

Source: http://www.jutarnji.hr/


  • Croatia

Another Schoolyard Turned Green and Fixed by Volunteers from Montenegrin Telekom

Corporate Volunteer Club from Crnogorski Telekom, led by company’s management and in cooperation with Montenegrin Ministry of Education and Zelenilo doo from Podgorica, continued the campaign of improving schoolyards in Montenegro, making the environment healthier and more enjoyable for children.

Source: https://www.telekom.me


  • Montenegro