Klas Sarajevo Donated Two Tons of Flour for the World Food Day

The food industry Klas from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), on the occasion of the World Food Day, celebrated on October 16, donated 2t of flour to the meal center of the Red Cross Sarajevo kanton and Collective Center in Hrasnica, while the children from Collective Center received sweets as well. The goods were handed by players from football clubs Železničar and Sarajevo.

Source: http://www.biznisinfo.ba/


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Addiko Bank Writes Off the Entire Debt of Family of a 3-year-old Boy with Leukemia

A family from Banjaluka had to deal with a lot of hardships in the past few months: three months after their son was diagnosed with leukemia and started treatment, the father developed a heart issue and had a burst aorta. Addiko bank, where the family had a housing loan, heard about their situation and decided to write their debt off completely.

Source: https://www.fokus.ba/


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Hemofarm Builds the First Inclusive Playground in Banjaluka

The first inclusive children’s playground in Banjaluka is now open in the Obilićevo neighborhood. This is an important step for the community, which will make possible for children with developmental disabilities to interact with their peers and participate in outdoor games more easily than before. The playground was built thanks to a donation from Hemofarm Banjaluka.

Source: http://www.banjaluka.rs.ba/


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Students From Mostar Are Building a Racing Car with the Support of SiM Impex

For their first anniversary in Mostar, company SiM Impex has supported project Formula student SAE of students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at Unversity of Mostar. Students got Sach shock absorbers worth EUR5,000 (KM10,000) for the racing car they are making.

Source: http://www.bljesak.info/


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BH Telecom Redirects Birthday Funds to Associations Who Help Children with Disabilities

In a laudable gesture, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most profitable company uses their birthday celebration funds to help three local associations who help children with disabilities. The money will be used to help Association of parents of children and people with disabilities of Tuzla Canton, Youth association Dobro delo (A good deed) from Sarajevo and Public institution for care of mentally disabled children and youth Pazarić.

Source: https://www.bhtelecom.ba


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Altruist Drivers Offer Their Services to Families in Need on Facebook

Source: http://www.novosti.rs


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