Feed 1000 Campaign Provides 16,000 Meals for People in Need

“Feed 1000” campaign marked The World Poverty Day, October 17, by collecting 5t of food for people in need in 5 different locations in Skopje.



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SGB Buys a New Device for the Gym for the People with Disabilities

This summer, Montenegro got its first gym for the people with disabilities thanks to the Association for Support of People with Disabilities and their campaign "Live healthy, walk straight" (Živi zdravo, koračaj uspravno). Now, Societe Generale Bank joined their cause and bought a new device for the gym.

Source: http://www.societegenerale.me/


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Doing Double Good - Trebjesa Is Producing a Great Beer and Donating to Charity

Brewery Trebjesa marked its 121st anniversary on October 21. That's a pretty amazing history and they have even greater practice how they celebrate their Company Day. They donated EUR 5,000 to Red Cross Nikšić, which will be distributed as a shopping vouchers to 100 families in need.

Source: https://media.klipingmap.com/


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Another Schoolyard Turned Green and Fixed by Volunteers from Montenegrin Telekom

Corporate Volunteer Club from Crnogorski Telekom, led by company’s management and in cooperation with Montenegrin Ministry of Education and Zelenilo doo from Podgorica, continued the campaign of improving schoolyards in Montenegro, making the environment healthier and more enjoyable for children.

Source: https://www.telekom.me


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CKB Provides Brave Montenegrin Firefighters With a Well-Deserved Holiday

After a difficult summer for the whole region, with forest fires raging through Montenegro and Croatia, CKB, a bank from Montenegro, recognized and awarded the efforts of the firefighters who spent their summer fighting against the blaze. 15 firefighters from different municipalities and their families, spent a few days enjoying the seaside in Sutomore.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/


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EUR121,000 Raised for 2 Medieval Monasteries in Budva

At 2 successful fundraising events in Budva (Montenegro), both for the reconstructions and renewal of 2 monasteries with a very rich and long history, they raised EUR121,000. The first event was held on August 27 and it raised over EUR53,000 for the reconstruction of Sveta Trojica Monastery. Second event was organized on September 9 for the renewal of Podlastva Grbaljska Monastery and it raised even more - EUR68,000.

Source: http://volimpodgoricu.me/


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Altruist Drivers Offer Their Services to Families in Need on Facebook

Source: http://www.novosti.rs


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